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The video bellow is what I wish for 2011

Funny how even more than 60 years later, this speech still holds true.

I sincerely hope that more people listen to this speech, and make it come true!


It's Coming!

Harry Potter is coming and nothing else matters!


Twilight saga: Eclipse

I'm not gonna lie, I like the twilight saga because it brings in the lulz and has really good soundtracks, it's just true.

But the Twilight saga: Eclipse, it's like eating really bad fast food: you think you're gonna enjoy it, but that's before you die of food poisoning in the middle of your own vomit.

I went to Eclipse, thinking: hey let's laugh...
SingularityCollapse )


May. 19th, 2010

Now... for one second in this blogs life, let us TRY and be serious:
In three words, I can sum up everything that I've learned about life: It goes on

Now back to reality:Collapse )


My teacher wants to make the 2nd test as much as i want to become a polar bear trainer...

Gotta love the kid for trying that hard though


alice in wonderland

It's brilliant... seriously though go see it

Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter are better than you and you know it


The lives of others

I love a group called Anaquim, they're brilliant...

They have a song called "as vidas dos outros", that basically describes how the lives of others are so easy and good compared to ours.

É facil ter calma quando a alma nao me doi a mimCollapse )

Private joke...

Maybe I should get a Life diploma...

No, seriously, where do you get those? Cause I dont have it most of my best friends dont have it, and most people who brag about having one do really, really well in life.

So where is the university? Where do I get one?

Paulo Coelho is inspiring me...

To go to the movies more often...

But seriously, it just hitted me with the force of a thousand bricks that i do not have the experiences or conversations that I should have at my age...

I'm still waiting to be grateful again.